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Bill Turlock's

Mother-in-Law in Pantyhose Affair

Jackie, my Mother-in-law, who is 10 years older than me, always wears the sexiest, silkiest, sheerest pantyhose I've ever seen. She is tall and slender, with a nice round ass, long legs, very small tits, and always wears a dress, or skirt and blouse. She is very attractive, with lots of make-up which really turns me on, and short wavy brown hair.

Every night after work, Jackie, (a widow), relaxes on her sofa with a glass of wine. She always wears a robe with her pantyhose, bra, and slip underneath. One evening after running an errand I stopped by hoping to catch her alone, and in her robe, with all her "goodies" on underneath.

Sure enough there she was, sipping her wine, legs crossed, robe dangling open, and looking great. I have a real thing for older women, girdles, nylons, slips and pantyhose, and have had many thoughts of Jackie in her nylons.

After some visiting, she noticed me looking at her, and no doubt the lump in my pants, and gave me a lusty smile, and a sexy wink. This really surprised me. Since she was a widow, I knew she must be horny. When she stood up and walked by me, without thinking, I leaned over, put my arms around her and kissed her.

To my great surprise, she responded by wrapping her arms around my neck and sliding her tongue into my mouth! I couldn't believe it, my fantasy had come true! was I going to get to fuck this beautiful older woman for real, as I had so often dreamed of doing? She tasted so sweet, and her red lipstick was wet from her saliva. When I grabbed her ass, and ran my hands down her silky legs, Jackie opened her eyes, then rolled them back into her lovely head, and let out a loud gasp. She was as turned on as I was!!

After several seconds, some words such as we can't do this and so forth, were said and ignored. By now I had my finger running along soaking wet pussy slit! I couldn't stand it any longer, after my many fantasies of Jackie and her pantyhose, I dropped to my knees, and buried my face in her crotch. To my surprise, she pushed back into my face. She was wearing no panties! Just her ultra sheer-to-waist nylons, bra, and slip!

Before I knew it my tongue had entered her dripping cunt, taking the smooth pantyhose with it. My hands were on her tiny tits, and she had pushed me back onto the carpet, and was tearing at my pants! After a few seconds of riding my face, she tensed up, gushed sweet, slippery pussy juice all over my face and screamed in violent orgasm.

Wanting to return the favor, she straddled my by now rock solid cock, and started fucking me like crazy. She bent over, and with my hands all over her nylons, which were down just enough to get me into her, she sucked my tongue all the way into her sweet, wine flavored mouth. After a number of good solid thrusts, I came so hard I almost launched her right off me! This was the fulfillment of my wildest fantasy of finally getting to fuck my ultra sexy pantyhosed mother-in-law!!

This affair has now been going on for twenty-five years, right into her sixties! We both enjoy lingerie, nylons, girdles, and of course pantyhose! We also like to watch your great videos while we fuck!

I hope you enjoyed this experience, as much as I have!!


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