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Fly on the Wall

Here's your opportunity to be an unseen observer at an actual photo shoot! (A "fly on the wall", so to speak). JANE is posing for a customer-shot custom photo session. Get an idea of what it's like to shoot lingerie photos and see all the action! JANE starts out undressing from... more

Girdle Love at the Shoe Store

Older woman (44 yrs., very attractive, good figure!) (You saw her on P. 19 of Stag's Spring '91 "Mature Pink") flashes younger clerk while trying on shoes. She's wearing a white skirted business suit, open six-garter girdle with full-fashioned hose. After rebuffing his advances a few times, she seduces him,... more

Girdle Love III - Left at the Altar

It's Cindy's wedding day, and she and Alicia have just returned from a quick game of tennis, dressed in very short skirts with cute ruffled rhumba panties under. Alicia's skirt is a yellow & pink plaid, with her lace-covered butt hanging out, and she has a scoop-neck yellow blouse on.... more

Girdle Love

Starring Tiffany—Attractive Blonde in Explicit Action! Tiffany is in her bedroom getting ready for bed. She pulls off her sweatshirt and gets her sheer black baby-doll nightie with underwire cups and a red ribbon-tie front. Her jeans come off and she puts on sheer black G-string panties and goes to bed.... more

Panty-Girdle Love

Andrea & Cindy start out in the bedroom with Andrea all in white—macramé bare midriff top, flared leg shorts, ankle socks and white high heeled pumps. Cindy is wearing white high heels, suntan stockings, green pleated skirt, and a beige translucent rayon blouse with a high collar that does little... more

Dildo Madness #3

DILDO MADNESS with PANTY-GIRDLES—WENDY tries on lots of panty-girdles & padded bras, then dresses in her beige business suit and a split-crotch P.G. and struggles to get the monster dildo into her tight pussy while fully clothed, through the crotch opening of the P.G. more

All PANTY-GIRDLE Spectacular

ROBIN, 32B, 5'6 ", 110#, dark brown hair, pretty but somber face, gently curving hips which look fabulous in every panty girdle she wears, long slender, shapely legs, nice round buns. First half is with control panties (garter-less short panty girdles), second half with longer leg gartered panty girdles and... more

Figure Control

DIANNE in a business suit, including a six-garter girdle; then a light summer dress with a waist- cinch er; finally a sheer white blouse & full skirt with lots of lace petticoats and a control garter belt. Lots of good Raised Skirt & Up Skirt, some panty play, pussy play... more


CORSOLETTES (All-In-Ones) & GIRDLES with pretty 45-year old JANE—Starts w/beige six-garter open girdle w/no panties & beige ½ cup bra, blouse & skirt lounges on couch & bed w/U.S. & R. S. views. Then long-leg panty girdle, hose, full slip, flower print scoop neck dress; then three different long-legged corsolettes—one... more

Pantyhose & Girdles with Dianne

DIANNE almost looks like an old fashioned "School Marm", or librarian, with her hair back and steel-rimmed eyeglasses. She's wearing a frilly Victorian high necked translucent beige blouse under a tan blazer, and a tan above-the-knee skirt. Underneath there's a full slip with an all-lace bodice and pleated chiffon skirt.... more

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