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Bill Turlock's

Pantyhose & Briefs

Duration:1 hour, 55 minutes
Category:briefs bras panties pantyhose

Cindy's in a sheer lacy camisole and elastic leg tap panties, asleep on the bed. She wakes up and stretches, with some close-ups of her crotch and her pert tits under the sheer cami. She pulls it down letting her nipple pop out. She takes it off one shoulder, then the other. She puts on a soft cup white nylon bra with lace along the top of the cups. She puts it on by attaching the hooks in the back while the cups are above her breasts, then pulling the bottom of the bra down over her breasts. Her nipples harden and poke out against the slick nylon as she slides the bra over them. There's an extreme close-up of her in the bra. The weave of the nylon cups and the stitching along the edges is visible. She poses, in just the panties and bra, then slowly peels the panties down, stopping with them at her hips for a close-up from behind, the panties caught in the folds of her pussy mound. Her puffy lips are practically touching the lens as she squirms out of the panties.

She picks up a pair of white translucent briefs and holds them out. These special briefs were sent in by a customer who wanted to see a girl from the nineties dressed in underwear from the sixties. They are a translucent white with a transparent lacy panel around the leg opening. This transparent lace detail runs from the front, all the way around the panties to the back, where it is sewn to the huge curved panty shield. She holds the briefs up against her stomach and rubs the crotch of the panties against her pussy. We get close enough to see the light, downy fuzz on her stomach and the details of the elastic waistband as she holds the panties against her stomach. You can see where the threads holding the nylon panty have unraveled from the waistband in places. The shot continues down the briefs, stopping at the lace along the legs. You can see every detail of construction of these panties.

She slips one leg into the briefs, stopping to show the tag sewn into the side seam: Belinda - size 5. She holds the half on-half off panties up to her pussy, letting her lips protrude from the unused leg hole. She rubs the lace legs against her pussy, seen close-up, then puts the other leg in. The view moves so it's over Cindy's shoulder as she stretches the panties between her thighs. There's a close-up of the inside of the panty shield, just an inch from her pussy. The crotch panel is two layers of nylon, not a cotton liner. She pulls the panties up closer and closer, until the gusset finally contacts her bush. The shot follows along every curve of her butt, the seam of the panty shield in extreme close-up, showing every detail of lace and nylon.

She looks through some packages of pantyhose from the sixties that a customer had sent in. She picks out an old Hanes brand in suntan. She takes them out and lays them out across her lap, showing that they are very sheer, with a reinforced heel and toe! She shakes them out, revealing a long reinforced panty that extends way down the thigh and a crotch panel that's just as sheer as the rest of the panty. She puts them on both feet at once, then gathers up the legs and pulls them up each leg. She displays the reinforced heel and toe. She pulls them up more, with a view over her shoulder that goes to the sheer crotch stretched between her thighs. With the pantyhose on all the way, she smooths the nylon over her briefs.There's an extreme close- up showing the individual nylon threads. There are different weaves. The reinforced panty is a smooth weave that transitions to a thicker weave along the welt at the bottom of the panty portion, and the sheer crotch panel is loosely knit to allow air to circulate.

Cindy sits up and puts on a semi-sheer beige blouse, with ruffled collar and sleeves. When she stands, the length of reinforced extends a good three to four inches down her thighs. The bra is visible through. The panty shield got caught between her cheeks when she stood up, so she slides her right hand down the pantyhose to straighten the panty shield. Then she straightens out her briefs all the way around, smoothing out all the wrinkles that happen when pantyhose are worn over panties.

Cindy then puts on a ruffled white satin slip and raises the blouse to show the pantyhose and briefs peeking out over the slip's waistband. Then she puts on a gray pleated skirt, and slips on some white high heeled pumps. The pumps have a very deep throat that show off a lot of "toe cleavage". She squirms her foot around, showing off more toe cleavage. She stands to hold the hem of her skirt out, then sits back down for a close-up of the pretty little bow on the edge of the slip that's showing from under her skirt.

Now Cindy stands and raises her skirt and slip, showing off her pantyhose and briefs. Holding the skirt and slip up to her chest, she uses her free hand to pull the pantyhose down past the bottom of her briefs on just the one side. She rolls the pantyhose down on both sides and stands there with the pantyhose bunched just past her panties for a close shot of the large curved panty shield covering her buns. She uses her free hand to lower the waistband of the briefs, sliding her hand under the sheer fabric as she moves the panties down. She stops when the panties get past her hips and the camera moves in for an extreme close-up of her buns and pussy, with the panty crotch snuggling against her. Cindy pulls the pantyhose back in place, but leaving the briefs still down around her hips. She reaches into the pantyhose to push the briefs down further so that her whole pussy is visible through the pantyhose. She turns and bends, for another extreme close-up. The shot starts at the crotch, with the panties still bunched up, and follows the pantyhose seam up along the crack of her butt. Cindy squats, making her buns and pussy spread. She pulls the briefs up enough so that she can press the smooth fabric against her pussy, and plays with herself. She lays on her side and pulls the panties down further, with a look over her shoulder at the panties and pantyhose stretched between her thighs. The briefs get turned inside-out, with the waistband over her knees, and the panty shield being held in place by the pantyhose stretched between her thighs.

She sits down and unbuttons her blouse, with the panties still around her thighs. She slides the nylon cups over her nipples. They harden, and she pops one out of the bra and caresses it. She sits back and puts her feet on the couch. She slides the pantyhose and panties past her knees and down her legs, rolling them so only the panty crotch is visible when they get to her ankles. The panty crotch is just an inch from her pussy. With the panties stretched between her ankles, there's an extreme close shot as she swings her hips making her pussy lips rub against the inside-out panty shield. She pushes the panty shield in between her lips. She manipulates the panty shield on her pussy, rubbing it back and forth and pushing the panty shield between her pussy lips. One shoe drops, showing the reinforced heel as she curls and spreads her toes beneath the darker reinforcing. She removes one leg from the briefs and pantyhose, then pulls the still-on garments back up the other leg so they come up to her pussy. She slides the leg of the pantyhose back and forth through the panty's leg hole. She brings the toe of the pantyhose up to her pussy and plays with it against her lips.

She takes off the panties, pantyhose, skirt and blouse, stopping to play with the slip against her pussy, then gets another pair of briefs. She sits at the edge of the couch and holds the translucent pink nylon briefs with ruffled legs up to her. The entire front panel of the briefs is an embroidered flower pattern and the shield is a single layer of sheer pink nylon. She pushes the crotch of the panties into her pussy then slowly pulls it out. She puts one foot in and pulls them up to her pussy, poking her pussy out through the unused leg opening. She gathers the crotch together and saws it between her pussy lips. Then she spreads the crotch out and presses it up against her pussy. She pushes her finger into her pussy with the nylon still covering it, and gets the panty shield a little way in. Then she puts on the other leg and pulls the panties up tight. The panty shield becomes totally transparent when it is pressed over her pussy. She spreads her lips, letting the nylon hold them open.

Next, she picks out a pair of dark brown pantyhose to try on. These also have a very long reinforced panty. Her slip gets caught in them as she to pulls them on. The crotch panel part starts out normally in the front, then continues all the way up the rear of the pantyhose, forming two seams on the cheeks. She gets the slip out of the pantyhose, then pulls the pantyhose down just enough so she can straighten the panties. She slides each foot into her pumps, stopping to show the reinforced toe and the ultra-long reinforced panty part.

On the bed, she lies back, spreads her legs wide and rubs her nylon covered crotch. She lowers her pantyhose just past her hips and rubs her fingers over her pussy, which is squashed down by the sheer nylon panty shield. With her hand inside the panties, she fingers her pussy. She grasps the crotch panel, pulls it together and slips it between her pussy lips. Then she lowers the panties to just past her hips and fingers her hole, getting herself off into the panty crotch.


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