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Her review is here and more here and a CLIP from Girdle Love is here (will take a while to d/l)

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Bill Turlock's

Girdle Love

Duration:1 hour, 20 minutes
Category:explicit girdles panties

Starring Tiffany—Attractive Blonde in Explicit Action!

Tiffany is in her bedroom getting ready for bed. She pulls off her sweatshirt and gets her sheer black baby-doll nightie with underwire cups and a red ribbon-tie front. Her jeans come off and she puts on sheer black G-string panties and goes to bed. Trying to get comfortable she rolls around and we get some good looks at her nice round buns and pretty shaved pussy.

Tiffany gets up to dress for her date with Harley. She chooses a white lace push-up bra with lace straps and upper cups that are transparent, a six-garter lace-front girdle with satin back and ribbons over the garter hooks, brown seamed hose with a little figure embroidered at the back of the ankle, brown open-toe sling-back high heels, a white full slip with lace hem, a translucent pale lavender blouse with back buttons and a brown slim skirt. Then she puts on her plain white briefs over the girdle, then a brown tweed blazer.

While waiting on the couch for Harley to show up she squirms around a bit. He comes in and she gets up to embrace and kiss him. He rubs her buns, removes her jacket, feels her breasts through the silky blouse, then slowly raises her skirt to fondle her buns as they kiss, then slips his hand into the rear of her blouse to feel her flesh through the smooth nylon slip.

Tiffany and Harley sit on the couch, he caresses her boobs through her blouse and we get to peek up her skirt and see her panty clad crotch. She turns her back to let him unbutton her blouse so he can fondle her some more through the slip. Now she stands in front of him and raises her skirt, and he kisses her crotch through the slip, then through her briefs. Then she takes off her skirt and sits, they kiss and he lowers one slip strap, then starts to eat her through her panties 'till his face is wet with both their juices, then starts to venture a finger under the panties. Now she unzips his pants, pulls his cock out and rubs it. Tiffany kneels in front of him to take off his pants, then moves between his legs and pulls her slip up so she can rub him with it. We can see her nipples begin to peek out as she bends over him. Now she straddles facing him to rub her still panty-clad pussy on his cock while he raises her slip so we can see her girdled rear.

Harley now folds down the tops of her bra cups, much like a French bra, so he can tongue her nipples while she fondles his cock. Tiffany takes off her slip and uses it to rub his cock some more, then stands before him as he slowly pulls her briefs down so he can tongue her bare pussy, and feels her ass cheeks, pulling them apart so we can see right in. Now she kneels on the couch with her rear in front of him and he slides his cock in between her panties and her pussy while she applies finger pressure from beneath, then he lies down and she straddles him backwards and moves her pussy on his cock, and then turns to give him head. He's pretty well hung, so it looks like quite a mouthful for her.

Now Tiffany slides her briefs off and applies a little K-Y jelly, rubbing it all over her bare pussy. She then straddles facing him and slowly impales herself on his cock, moving slowly up and down. He lays her back and pumps into her with her legs way up. He's pounding her so hard that her natural juices literally run out of her into her butt crack. She turns her buns to him and he enters her pussy again as we get some good shots from directly below, with her breasts nearly hanging out of her bra, and her girdle still on. Then it's back to the missionary position, and she licks her own nipple. Harley starts to run out of steam (we've all had this happen, haven't we!? (we told you this is the real thing!)), so they rest a while.

He sits on the floor and she gives him head to get him up again, her hand working furiously with him in her mouth. She lies back and he's back to work again as she rubs her own tits. He takes long, slow strokes as he finally gets off. We can see his spunk running out as Tiffany smiles dreamily and caresses her boobs. She stands up and it all drips out of her.

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