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Lingerie Stories

Stories are presented unedited, in their entirety unless otherwise noted.

Submit your lingerie and panty stories by email. If I like 'em they will be published here and in the News Groups.

All submitted Stories remain the Property of the Author—we don't wanna own them. But, by the Act of Submitting them, you automatically Warrant that you are the Copyright Holder and that you Authorize me to publish them.

Panty Stories

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I am out of town on business and I am ending what has been a long, hectic, stressful day, so one of my favorite ways of relaxing is shopping and browsing for clothes, in particular, LINGERIE. So, I look up a local lingerie boutique and go and... more

Liz and the Predator

She was called Liz. I was in one of her classes in college. She was 18, blonde with big tits and a face to die for, she is easily the sexiest person I know. I liked to wank off looking at her under the desk in class. I... more

How I started

I just moved to Tulsa in the winter of '83, on my own for the first time in a different town I grew up in, away from the parents and feeling free. As the months went on, I adapted to my job and surroundings and had developed an... more

Wife's Sister White Cottons

When I first met my wife I would go over with her to visit her older sister. She was an olive skinned Italian girl who was 26 at the time. She had long brown hair to the middle of her back and stood about 5' 6'' She had... more

Wet Panty Revenge

Let me share a true panty story with you that happened when I was just 16 years old. It was the summer after my junior year in high school when I first met Shannon. She was the niece of my next door neighbors who lived across the street from... more

I Bought Them Right Off Her Crotch

It was late one night. I was in a Hooters in the Denver area. My waitress was a brown haired girl named Sara. Sara was about 22 years old stood about 5'7" and had a killer body. She looked great in her little tight... more

Changing Room At Pool Party

I have had so many panty raids and one that was a memorable one that I did not get to keep the trophy. It started out with this girl who was just a great friend had some friends over to a party at her folks who were gone on... more

Panty Story

I'm "Jim", around 36 y/o. My interest in nylon panties with lacy tops started when I was younger and accidentally got an accidental peek up my older sister's crotch. I don't think she was aware of my excitement. I subsequently spent many delightful afternoons that summer raiding her panty... more

Wearing Panties

I have been wearing panties since I was in ninth grade, when I stole a pair of light blue satin bikini panties from the hamper of my girlfriend's older sister. The smelled good and felt good...I was hooked! I have always been afraid to tell my lovers that... more

Piano Man

I had just finished college and decided that I wanted to spend my last summer before looking for work doing something I had wanted to do since I was little, play the piano. I spend a couple days calling around until I decided on a teacher who had... more

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