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Me, My Friend, My Mom and..., Her Panties!!!

Itís been a long since I am reading the stories here, and I could not wait to write some of my owns. I will begin with one of my prettiest, rarest and exciting stories...

I was young at that time, and had a bunch of friends about my age (Diego, Andres, Pablo and Lucas), that were always at my house because we had a pool and an Atari..., the attractions of that age...

One night we were playing Space Invaders, I think, and my mom, Alicia, 35 then, was watching some tv with a friend of her, Paula. My dad was in Brazil because of his job. Both my mom and Paula were drinking beers, and I think they were close to their top, because they were laughing and bothering each other. They joked with us also but we did not pay much attention. That was till my mom got up to change the video, and Paula pulled up my mom's short dress showing her white nylon panties to us.

My friends did not say a word at that right moment, while I was a bit upset. The worst is that my mom didn't even notice her panties being exposed and kept with her dress up for a couple of minutes. I had never seen my mom's panties before, and the fact of be sharing that moment with my buddies was strange. Then, Paula, laughing, told her that her panties were being the attraction of the "boys" and she noticed it, and turned red inmediatly.

Then, I think it was related to the alcohol, my mom told us to not tell my dad that we had seen her panties because he would kill her... , of course she said it with a laugh, in an ironically manner. It was one of the most bizarre moment of my entire life, which is not so longer, since I'm 28. But every time I remember it, a nostalgic and funny thought invade me.

My mom's friend always made jokes about that time, and she even tried to repeat it several times. They are friend since childhood, and my mom is prettier, sexier and more succesfull than her, so, with the years, I noticed that it's maybe something related to a kind of jealousy. And her "revenge" is to embarrass my mom every time she can.

After that incident, every time she was at home and I was with my friends, she managed to get us a glimpse of my mom's panties..., just pulling up her dresses, or pulling up her panties when she was wearing jeans, or something like similar. She always made her attacks when my mom was quite drunk or in the mood. My mom never seemed to care about we seeing her panties, really.

Another point in the story are my friends. I think they really enjoyed seeing my momís panties. And my curiosity was focused on the same topic than them, to be honest. She was the first woman that we had seen that way, so she became our fantasy, and our preciate toy... So..., every time Paula was at home..., we encouraged her to embarrass mom. Of course we knew that Paulaís way to do it was to show others my momís panties.

- Oh, what are you wearing today, Alice?..., Paulaís said while she pulled up my momís dress. - Stop it, Paula, you donít wanna know, and less the kids... - Well, baby blue cotton panties..., very nice...

And my mom just pulled her dress down and keep on her things... With that, me and the guys had more images to recreate at night...

But one of my friends, Diego, was the most interested in the panties issue. When we were alone, he asked me to go to my momís bedroom to see her underwear. We were delighted with that in our hands. We touch them, smell them, put them in our faces..., everything you can imagine... But one afternoon my mind gave me an advice: why donít we look between her laundry?... So we do it, and we found lots of my momís dirty panties... We really enjoyed the dirtiest part of them. Some even had some skid marks, what made us laugh... That day, Diego took 4 of her dirty panties and took them with him. I just left him..., he really appreciated them... And we repeated the same routine for months... Sometimes he returned the panties he had takes, sometimes didnít.

We really enjoyed every day to wait for my mom to return from work. She just sat down with her short skirts, and we could manage to see her pantied triangle. It was our priceless benefit... Nowadays Iíve started to think that maybe she was aware of our interest, and she just let us grow. I said it because by that time she seemed to be more careless with her exposures, her movements and her appearences.

For instance..., I remember once Diego and I were watching a movie in the living room, and my mom came in just wearing a t-shirt which hem was at the middle of her butt..., so the bottom part of her silk flowery panties were plainly visible. She just lied down on the sofa reading a magazine, and we stopped watching the movie to admire her.

Then that night, she had to go to a reunion, so she went to take a shower. She passed in front of us just with a towell on several times till she got dressed. When she was gone, we went to her bathroom and found her dirty flower panties. They seemed to be worn a couple of summer days, to be clear. I remembered that Diego took them and put them on as a mask, with the crotch against his face. The smell was awesome, we agreed. It was after this late incident that we decided to jerk off with her panties. I think Diego had been doing it with my momís panties that he took home..., but together was the beginning.

We began with the ones from the laundry..., but then we moved on to another level, using her clean ones. We cum in the crotch of her panties, and then we returned them to her wardrobe..., so she used that panties as new ones..., without knowing my cum, or Diegoís, were against her pussy... The goal was to find out what panties she was wearing, to know if his or mine stuff was ďnearĒ her..., so we had to manage any way to get a glimpse of the panties she was wearing... So..., we began to act as idiots in that purpose.

We got in the bathroom when she was in it (it was wonderful the first time we did that and we found her sitting with her panties ĖDiegoís ones- around her ankles, looking at us with a surprised and embarrased expression), we opened the door of her bedroom without knocking, and all kind of crazy moves to see her underwear.

We perfectly knew each panty that we had used, so, when she took them off and put them on the basket, we went to recover them..., and you could see ďour marksĒ plus hers.

In the meanwhile, every time my dad was at home, we stopped with that behaviour. But as he was a constant traveller, it was not a real problem. I was happy to share my interests with my best friend, and also that my mom was our icon. Diego and I got to the point of the complete knowledge of every pair of panties that my mom had. And her confidence with us was shown in the fact that she did not matter about we seeing her or in just her panties, or giving us an upskirt view, in fact, nowadays I think she was glad about our interest.

One summer, my family had decided to rent a house near the sea. As I would have beed bored most part of the time, my parents invited Diego, which was great for me, and also for him. We spent the first week in our own bussiness..., I mean, my dad was there..., so we just played boyís fun..., arcades, soccer, the beach...

But with the end of the first week, my dad had to return to work. So..., we stayed just with my mom. The first night we were just us three, a hard rain fell. So my mom decided that we stay at home. A movie was our choice, so I turned on the tv. My mom ended up with her house work, and joined us. She was wearing a long summer skirt, and she laid down on a sofa, opening her skirt. From our position, we could not see anything, but as the time passed, she began to fall asleep.

When Morpheus finally beated her, we came close to her, and admired a nice white satin panties. Diego opened her skirt a bit more, so she was practically in her panties. We could see also the dark shadow of her pubic hair, and some of them appearing from the border of the underwear. It was my first time seeing pubic hair, so it was a precious moment. I think Diego thought the same... v I remembered that I softly whispered her: Ė Mom..., mom. But she was deeply asleep. The panties she was wearing were beautiful. Little ones..., not obviously a thong, but a bikini type. It has a wet spot on her crotch, that was easily noticeable. In that moment Diego run his finger over her panties and specially over that spot, and she did not make any move. Then he put his face almost touching her crotch to smell her, what he did, and made an expression of delight to me.

I moved him to one side to experience the same sensation that him. The smell of my momís pantied crotch was strongly charming, a mixture of sweat, fish and perfume. I did not have the courage to touch her crotch, even her panties, as Diego had done. After that, we run to our bedroom to masturbate..., it was one of our finest moments. Then, a quite calm, we returned to the living room.

We had left her skirt apart, so my momís panties kept on display for a couple of hours. In the meanwhile, we got zoom visions every time we wanted, and Diego repeated his moves twice. He said that her panties were so wet in that spot that maybe she had peed and not use enough paper to dry it (we were so naive...). Then we focused on a movie, till we heard my mom waking up. - Hi guys..., it seems I slept enough..., did you have fun?... - What?..., we asked frightened... - Yeah..., did you find any good movie?... - Oh yes...

She still had not realice that her panties were completely visible, she put one leg to incorporate, which gave us a tremendous view of her crotch and that terrible spot. She stood up and that was when her skirt adopted the right form. She went to bed, after a sweet kiss on our cheeks.

We could not repeat our experience till the last days of our holidays, when we were invited to a kind of barbacue in Paulaís house. Paula and her husband had rent a chalet in a closer town. The point is that my mom drank more than she was able to handle, and Diego and I winked to each other knowing that the best part of our holidays was yet to come..., though it was the last day.

Ricardo, Paulaís husband, drove us to our house. He told me to help my mom, which I accepted and said goodbye to him. Once at home, my mom lied down on the couch..., we just had to wait for the right time. About fifteen minutes later, we made our move. Diego unzipped her skirt, so she was in her panties. Beige ones, the same bikini type than the others.

Diego began to touch her and her panties, specially her crotch, which little by little began to develop a spot as huge as the one of the other day. This time I could do it too. It was so nice to touch a panty that was being used in that exact moment... Diego followed with his fingers the borders of her panties, as if he was drawing them. Momís breathe was higher when he did that.

Then we decided to pull down her panties a bit..., so we could see her pubic hair..., but not the most part of her pussy because her legs were not spreadt enough... Her smell was even stronger than the last time, and she was terrible wet. We could see it clearly... We were terribly excited when she moved to one side, staying with her front towards the back of the couch..., so she was given us a pretty view of her pantied butt. We could not believe our luck, and began to caress her buttocks..., her skin and her panties, that were wet also from this side.

Diego run his fingers along her butt line, which was funny. Then I had an idea, that was to smell her ass: it was a superb smell, very strong..., as it was not completely clean. I supposed she had gone to defecate during the barbecue... Diego made a good point by pulling down her panties, so he could smell her bare butt. The smell was completely worst, but who cares, when you have an almost naked lady by your side...

I believe nowadays that if we had been a couple of years older, we would have done something with strange consequences: fuck her. I mean..., she was my mom..., it was Ok with Diego, but with me?... I also would like to know her thought when she woke up the following day, finding herself in her panties, that were pulled down and with her bare butt... She never said a word..., and we never talked about that incident again... Diegoís family moved to another town one year later and I never saw him again... But the memories of that moments will remain in my mind forever...

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