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Bill Turlock's

Teacher Had Me Wear Panties For Her

I'd finished High School and was out for the summer when I joined the Army. As soon as basic training was over I took leave and went back home to visit for a short time. I wanted to see some of my old buddies and kinda show off to some of the girls now that I was an "Army Man".

It was on a Friday and as I was going around the school saying hello I got to see some of my old teachers also. In between one class I stopped in to my old english class and the only one there was my ex teacher Ms. Enders.

We chatted a bit and she asked me how I was and what I was up to and I told her that I was now in the army and just home on leave. As soon as I told her this she kinda perked up a bit and asked me how long I would be in town and what I had planned for the weekend.

It was a bit different to have Ms. Enders be friendly like this as she was always the prim and proper teacher in my eyes. Ms. Enders was an older black lady in her fifties, although I don't know if she was closer to fifty or sixty, she was a nice looking lady with a nice body but at that age I was just finding my way with girls my age and never really gave her much thought.

I will say that sometimes when she would sit just right in a shorter skirt or dress I could see up her thighs and even once or twice a bit of her panties peeking through for me to enjoy and I kinda wondered if she ever knew I was looking?

Well after a few nice words she just came out and asked me what I was doing tomorrow and I said I didn't have any plans. Well I guess that was enough for her and she started to write down her address and giving it to me told me to come by her house the next day about one to take a swim. I was kinda taken back but just stuttered out an ok and said my good-byes.

I got up the next morning and not really thinking I just threw on some jeans and a tee shirt. I was kind of a beach bum in those day and really never wore any underwear and it didn't cross my mind on what I was gonna wear to swim. I drove to her house and she met me at the door and invited me in.

I should have known it but as soon as I was in and the door was shut she says to me, "So did you bring you swim suit?" Even though we were in Fla. and it's mostly hot there year round it was late Nov. so I tried to play it off and tell her that the water would be a bit cool so maybe she could just let me get some sun for a while.

"That's fine," she said, "but you're still gonna have to have something besides those jeans to wear, let me see what I can find and I'll change and be right back."

She had me sit in this chair and gave me a drink, which I thought was kinda nice. She walked into her room and on the door was this mirror and the way the door was sitting I could see right into her room as she began to undress. As she pulled down her day gown I started to see that she had on a light purple bra and then more fell and she was wearing light purple high cut panties as well. She had her back to me and I was fixed on the sight of her beautiful brown behind in those sexy purple panties.

In what seemed like forever she took her time and slipped out of her panties and bra and put on her swim suit which was not more than the panties and bra she had just taken off!!! Then she went to a part of her room I could not see and in a flash came out with something in her hand and gave it to me and in a nice but firm way said, "This is all I could find but it will do for now."

She told me to change in the bathroom so I got right up and went in not really looking at what she had given me. When I got in the bath I took a better look as I was getting ready to change and to my great surprise it was a pair of women's panties!! They were not real fem looking, just a pair of off white satin string bikini panties, but they did have just a hint of little lace trim around the waist band and thighs, so you could tell they were women's panties.

"Is this all you have?" I asked her.

"Yes," she said, "now come on out and don't be so shy, you're an army man now."

I slipped into those panties and to tell you the truth they felt great! The erotic part of being at this older woman's house and her being my ex teacher was enough to get excited, but to add to that the fact that I was going to walk out in front of her wearing a pair of her panties was over the top and to say the least, I was getting harder by the minute, right inside those panties!!

She started saying as I was coming out the bath that she had some sun tan oil she would put on me and just then as she was saying how much I had "grown" since high school I walked out and she looked right down at my cock pressing at the front of those bikini panties and said, "My you have Grown."

She didn't waste a minute and had me come stand right in front of her and she began to rub sun tan oil on my chest and I mean all over my chest and then arms and belly and then shoulders.

"I know they're not swim trunks, but they do look wonderful on you my dear," she said to me as she oiled me up.

(part two to come if you would like more??)

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